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Rendine Headquarters - Moolap, Geelong


Modularity: Tate Street Primary School, Geelong


Community: Eastern Hub, Geelong

Emergency Management Services: DSE Angelsea

Modular Construction is rapidly making its mark

on the construction landscape within Australia and Rendine Constructions sits at the forefront of

its development.


Over forty years of traditional building experience, combined with our extensive engineering, design,

project management and project feasibility expertise

has placed Rendine in an enviable position to take the modular construction industry to the next level. 


Modular construction combines traditional building methods with efficient manufacturing techniques

to deliver custom built projects intelligently, cleaner,

faster and to an exceptional standard of quality.

The economies of scale are unparalleled with our

modular constructions delivered up to 50 per cent

faster than traditionally built facilities.


Rendine’s capabilities in this space are proven and

have resulted in the delivery of bespoke, large

volumetric facilities. These modern, technically

savvy spaces integrate seamlessly with existing landscapes while fusing fundamental curriculum's

with sensory environments. A limitless construction technique, modular construction is highly suited to educational centres, offices, aged care facilities,

retails outlets, sporting centres, residential dwellings

and medical services.


Leaders in construction and perceptive to our clients intrinsic needs, we design and construct smart solutions that create the foundations that allow communities to come together to thrive, prosper and grow. Thus our forward thinking principles consider your every need.