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With almost 50 years' experience in commercial construction, repair and maintenance, there isn't a building we can't design,

nor a problem we can't solve. As a family owned and operated business, we value trust and integrity above all else.

We're obsessive about the small details that put a smile on our clients' faces.

We collaborate, communicate and do what we said we would do - or tell you how we'll resolve it.

We are much more than commercial construction experts, with solution-focused in-house design and engineering teams,

plus we command a suite of complementary services including civil, landscaping and building services.

We launched Modularity by Rendine Constructions in 2017 to create extraordinary modular construction,

and we proudly stand behind every project we deliver.

Avondale PS
KOSS Lucknow
Modular School
Modular Pavilion
Modular Pavilion
Lalor Primary
Modular decking
Modular building
Rollins Primary
Modular classroom
Modular building
Modular classroom
Modular sales suite
Modular sales building
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