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"A spacious new factory 

opens the door to higher quality, efficiency and speed in modular construction."


"Speed, efficiency and quality are key advantages of modular construction, but what makes Modularity

by Rendine different?."

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A qualified teacher and building designer stands behind every school construction project from Modularity by Rendine. Meet Amy Van Berkel.

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We understand the pain points

for schools and build speed, quality and precision into every project, reducing stress and disruption.

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Rendine Constructions completed an incredible transformation, with a major new development delivered with minimal disruption using our innovative Modularity system. 

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With Modularity by Rendine Constructions, speedy construction need not require compromising on design or quality

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Five reasons why the Modularity by Rendine system could be the perfect solution for your next construction project.


Modularity delivers stunning result in Victorian kindergarten rollout