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Amy Van Berkel.jpg

Amy Van Berkel

Modularity Design Manager

Amy's desk is the first stop for most Modularity projects, where she ensures the initial design brief reflects the client's requirements.

A qualified draftsperson with an Advanced Diploma in Building Design (Architectural), she then coordinates the design team to deliver precise construction documentation and architectural drafting the latter using our own purpose-developed system. Amy also oversees project costing, compliance issues and permits.

A former primary school teacher, she takes the lead on school-based projects, leveraging her exceptional understanding of modern educational requirements and school students needs.

Her proudest accomplishment has been overseeing a complex design

process involving the demolition and reconstruction of significant sections

of Lalor East Primary School. This delivered an almost completely new,

bespoke-designed school in under 12 months which has been widely

praised by the school community.

Amy believes the greatest strength of Modularity is its passionate team,

each armed with a different area of expertise who continuously challenge

each other to improve and find new solutions for their clients.

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