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Haydon Schroen

Relocatable Program Manager

Haydon oversees Modularity's Relocatable program, primarily overseeing the

supply, delivery and installation of Mod-5 (double classroom) units to schools

under a contract with the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA).

Leveraging a diverse set of skills and education in project management,

cost estimating, business administration and pre-fabricated construction,

Haydon alternates between managing procurement and manufacturing at

our modern factory facility, to visiting existing and prospective clients,

and overseeing onsite installations.

Haydon is proud that the emerging Relocatable program can offer our clients

the choice of templated outcomes such as our high-quality and extensively equipped Mod-5 units, alongside our trademark fully bespoke modular

construction featuring customer-led design.

He most enjoys the autonomy to 'own' the projects he oversees, with the backing of Rendine's supportive team environment.

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