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Modularity by Rendine recently delivered Jackson School Stage
Upgrade and Modernisation works on behalf of the VSBA.
Consisting of two new-build areas (Primary and Middle School),
and an area for refurbishment of existing buildings.

Modularity also created a series of outdoor areas featuring

different sensory play zones in a contiguous design spanning

the school grounds.











The new Primary and Middle School buildings added a total of 12 new classrooms to Jackson School and provided a significant boost to amenities with the addition of a new Therapy Hub, refurbished Performing Arts area, new food technology classrooms, and new library and school kiosk. Also included was a substantial reconfiguration and upgrade to the school’s fire protection systems. With works carried out in a live school environment amid a student population with complex additional requirements, intensive planning and constant collaboration with the Jackson School leadership team was required to ensure a safe and successful outcome.

Rendine_Jackson Primary School-9701.jpg
Rendine_Jackson Primary School-9762.jpg
Rendine_Jackson Primary School-9538.jpg
Rendine_Jackson Primary School-9571.jpg
Rendine_Jackson Primary School-9742.jpg
Rendine_Jackson Primary School-9844.jpg
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