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How Modularity by Rendine differs from traditional construction,
as well as other modular builders

“Modular might be the future of construction.”


That bold declaration comes from global real estate services giant Jones Lang LaSalle. With millions of square metres of floorspace under management around the world, ‘JLL’ is well placed to spot an emerging construction trend. 


At Rendine Constructions, so are we. As a leader in construction

for nearly half a century we know a game-changing idea, have the

experience to embrace it, and are big enough to act on it; yet with a

focus that’s local rather than global. We’re agile, forward-thinking,

and intently focused on our clients’ needs.


We launched into modular construction in 2017, establishing an

innovative production process combining remarkable efficiency in

production, the highest levels of quality, and frankly astonishing

time savings. 


At its most basic, modular construction describes the fabrication

of standardised units at an off-site location, which are relocated

to the client’s site and pieced together to form a coherent building.

This enables the site and the building to be prepared concurrently,

shaving many months from the completion time and enabling production line-levels of precision in the built product.


At Rendine Constructions, we aim to be more than just a great modular builder. We are committed to total accountability at every stage of

the modular process – whether it’s a school wing, government building or public housing, or any other construction project to which we

can turn our diverse and formidable skills. 


This ‘above and beyond’ approach is why we added our own stamp – ‘Modularity by Rendine’ – to the process. Modularity by Rendine is

different from other modular building suppliers whose main goal is to prioritise efficiency and volume via repeatable methods producing

the same result, every time. 


“Our internal mission is extraordinary construction,” explains Michael Thornton, General Manager of Rendine Constructions. “Committed people who care about what they do, never let the client down and allow the client to keep their focus on with what’s most important to them.”


The Modularity difference is a stamp of quality that promises each project will be uniquely designed and finished, delivered with unstinting attention to detail and an innate problem-solving mentality.


“It’s how we deal with problems that is the measure of us,” Michael says. “That’s the commitment we make to our clients. What we say we’ll do, we’ll do.


“For example, if we need to turn the water off at your site, we’ll tell you what’s going to happen two weeks in advance, how long it’s going to happen for and have it back on when we said we would. It’s a simple thing, but it matters to our clients.”


At Rendine’s modern factory facility in Geelong, modular sections are individually designed by structural engineers and fabricated by skilled tradespeople, while an experienced project foreman guides the assembly on the client’s site to an architecturally-designed layout and finish, devised to suit their specific requirements.


Another key difference is that the majority of the Modularity by Rendine team are staff rather than subcontractors, fully invested in delivering the great results that have become the company’s hallmark over many decades and continuing to grow Rendine’s reputation for quality construction.


The proof of the quality of Modularity by Rendine lies in its outcomes, says Rendine Constructions Managing Director Greg Mills.

“Building in the factory means the team repeatedly sees the same details, and can put in place solutions that lift the quality of our buildings to an extraordinary result."

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