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Rendine Constructions’ latest success proves clients really can have
it all – speed, quality, budget certainty and an assured outcome.

Forget what you think you know about construction timelines - 

Modularity by Rendine Constructions delivered this eye-catching

Fyansford display suite in just three months. 


“It was a competitive tender, and Rendine sold us on the design and their vision. But they also really came through on the tight timelines

needed. From the outset they said, 'we can do this', and they did exactly what they said.”

The project was led by Rendine Constructions Business Development Manager and architect John Baxter, who began with simple sketches and a small set of rearrangeable cardboard modules. The design was conceived to reflect the values of the residential estate being developed around it - modern, attractive, high-quality and family-friendly.

The project took shape within days and

progressed to the start of construction in

our modular factory facility, where 85 per cent

of the build process was handled by our in-house

team of skilled trades, an attribute that enables

us to commit to the quality and speed required

by the client.

Just as impressively, the site in Dell Boulevard,

Fyansford, was transformed in under a week -

within six days we placed the footings and

fully installed the 130-square-metre suite,

which will act as a Sales Centre for the

Gen Fyansford housing estate.

The display suite comprises the main display

floor plus an office and a meeting room, and

store/toilet facilities. We also included an entry

with both stairs and a ramp, and a large external deck. An eye-catching pitched roof structure distinguishes the building from its emerging residential surrounds. Our design team also recommended the building be sited on a five-degree angle, a small but significant change that maximises its visual impact from every angle.

“Rendine delivered a design that was a bit left-field. All the other

tenders offered far more generic solutions. Rendine stood out

because their design specifically addressed the site, was bespoke

and very well resolved,” Michael says.

John Baxter said the project was a model of positive engagement

on both sides of the transaction. “They came to us with a

well-articulated brief, and within a few days we mocked up a

design that ticked the boxes,” he says. “They were quick and

positive with their feedback.

“They had some ambitious timelines in mind and because

we understand our own capacity and processes so well, we

assessed their request and quickly told them 'we can do it'.”

With an eye to the future, Michael says the suite will eventually

be relocated - another key benefit of modular construction.

“The client intends to develop lots at the Fyansford site for

about the next four to five years, after which they will be able to

transport this suite to another location,” Michael says.

“It's because of that flexibility that they were very happy to

make a significant investment in the Rendine structure

and process.

“I would definitely use Rendine Constructions again and

recommend them to anyone working on projects to a

similar scale. For us, it has been an A-triple-plus experience.”

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