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Mt Dandenong Kindergarten

Client: Victorian School Building Authority

Architect: VTas Architects

The kindergarten was installed on an area within the Mt Dandenong Primary School site.

 A 33 place kindergarten room and a Community based multipurpose room and included:

- A 5 space car park for staff and drop off area. 

- External canopies over the decks provide covered play areas.

 - A self contained kitchen, toilets and storage spaces.

 - Access to the kindergarten playground via decks and ramps.

 - A multipurpose room with separate toilets and kitchenette.

A series of up to 2.5m high retaining walls installed to support the site cuts required to fit the kindergarten and

playgrounds into the site.Extensive site works were required to install new playground areas for the kindergarten

and to extend the existing primary school hard court and provide new 6.0m high mesh fencing.

A new playground for the primary school including domed play equipment.

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